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Your spouse is on the road with the kids; it's a windy, rainy day. You receive a call from your spouse - the car broke down, 97 miles from home! How much would it cost to tow the car home? With MCA, the answer is:  $0. 'Time and unexpected events overtake us all', but if you're a member of MCA, you and your loved ones are protected. Find out more, but don't wait for an 'unexpected event' - SIGN UP TODAY!
  • Unlimited Roadside Assistance
  • Hotel, car rental, dental, vision, prescription discounts
  • Legal representation for moving traffic violations (yes, including speeding tickets!)
  • Over $150,000 in benefits, too many to list here - for less than $1 a day!
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* What you need to do when traveling with babies and small children
* What day of the week do you have to include in order to get last minute travel deals
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"The BEST roadside assistance company in North America!
Roadside emergency?  We'll get to you, no matter where you are - THAT'S peace of mind"
Omar Alvarado
YOUR MCA Associate
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